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As a child, I never understood why I had to share my parents. It seemed like my parents were always doing more for other people and children. Why did I have to share my parents? It wasn’t fair. I never said anything to my parents about it. I just fussed to my self and cried at night. I wanted my parents all to myself.

Many times, I had to do without, so others could have. There were times when one or both of my parents couldn’t come to participate in my activities (when I did have some) because they were either at church or helping someone else. They gave money to others instead of giving to me. I guess they didn’t love me anymore. At least, that’s what I thought at the time.

It wasn’t until I became an adult and had my own child that I understood why I had to share. Living in Atlanta for 10 years opened my eyes. There were so many children who were unfortunate enough not to have parents who cared about them. For whatever reason, one or both parents were absent from the child’s life. I wanted to fill that void in those children’s lives. I had both of my parents. I couldn’t imagine not having both. That’s when I understood why I had to share.

Even now, I still have to share them. But now, I understand why, and I’m OK with that…at least more than before. Now, I focus more on the fact that they are older and are not able to do as much as when they were younger. Nevertheless, it’s like pulling teeth when trying to get them to slow down, especially when it comes to doing God’s work. I just pray that God will keep them and protect them.