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Church people can be so critical. Notice I said church people. Remember that everyone who goes to church isn’t saved or is a Christian. So, take that into consideration in this blog post. Also remember that this spans over many years and not necessarily talking about anyone or any situation.

So many times, I have heard my dad bragging on people in the church, the stuff they have done or accomplished, and other stuff such as that. I can remember thinking, “Why doesn’t my dad ever say he’s proud of me in the church?” So, I asked him one day. What he told me made plenty of sense.

He said the reason he doesn’t get up and say a lot of stuff about me, my sisters, son, and nephews is because he doesn’t want people thinking he’s always bragging on us. He said that some people can be proud of their children and brag on them, but when the pastor does it, it’s a problem. He did let me know that he was always proud that we choose to work in the church and help him in the ministry. Every now and then, he will tell the congregation how proud he is of us. When he does, he makes up for lost times.

Being a PK isn’t easy. You have to have thick skin and a secure spirit. Most of the time, I do. But sometimes, it gets a little discouraging. I wonder if I’m really appreciated for the work I do in the church. So many times, I want to yell and scream and read people. But, if I do that, then people will take it out on my dad and leave the church. If another member did it, they would have it out with them and still remain a member…go figure. LOL! In the meantime, we PKs stick together! We are like a fraternity/sorority. We love each other.

Nevertheless, PKs need love too. The next time you see one, give them a hug and tell them you love and appreciate them. We have to go through so much…more than anyone can ever imagine. Peace and blessings.