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One of the biggest problems I’ve experienced as a PK is church members forget that we are members of the church as well. That’s crazy…especially since we’re generally there every Sunday! Well, you might think, “How is that possible?” I’m glad you asked. This blog is going to enlighten you on why I consider myself a member of the church (LOL).

I remember this one particular time during a business meeting some years ago. The members were giving their opinions about stuff and making suggestions. Well, I wanted to voice my opinion about the same matters. I was looked at as if I had a horn sticking out of my head. “You’re the pastor’s daughter, so you will side with him.” In my mind, I was thinking, “Do you know how stupid that sounded?” My facial expression said, “Really? Did you really just say that?” But my mouth said, “Well, I am a member of the church. I should be able to voice my opinions.” I was really surprised to learn that people really didn’t consider us to be members of the church.

Well, what makes us members of the church? What gives us the right to have an opinion? It’s funny, but you’d be surprised at how often we as PKs have to defend our membership to our pastor’s church. But, since some want to know, here ya go!

Reasons We Are Members

  • We attend church just about every time the doors are open.
  • We pay tithes. This should have been number one!
  • We joined when our dad became the pastor.
  • We participate in church activities.
  • Did I say we pay tithes and offering?

So, people of the world, just because our father is the pastor, that doesn’t mean we are not members. Now, allow me to flip things. Suppose we weren’t members of the church. The first thing people would say is, “What kind of pastor is he? His own children don’t even come to his church.” But that’s a blog for another day! Peace and blessings to each of you!