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Here’s one thing about being a PK that my trusted friend/fellow PK, Vanesha Mason, reminded me of. Why do people think we are rich?? This is something I have heard for as long as I can remember. “Y’all got plenty of money.” “Y’all rich!” “Y’all got nice stuff.” Well, let me tell you…we are so NOT rich! By the time you finish reading this blog post, you will know that THAT rumor is NOT true.

Some people think being a pastor/preacher is a glamorous lifestyle. This is farthest from the truth. People just see that pastors/preachers get money during appreciations, love offerings, etc. Most people forget that our parents WORK just like others. My dad worked at 3M for over 30 years before retiring. Not only that, he had pretty descent credit, so yeah…he could pretty much get what he wanted.

My parents never discussed money around us. We were too young to understand. However, I do know we got our clothes at stores just like everyone else did. We didn’t have the fancy stuff like most kids do today. I know that my parents would NEVER spend over $100 for some Jordans for us. We certainly didn’t have it like that. Some people who…well, never mind…different blog! LOL

Besides, my dad was too busy giving his money and time to help others. As I stated in a previous blog, we did without so others could have. So, the next time someone tell you that PKs are rich, please let them know you read my blog, and I said it wasn’t true!