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Hello everyone! I have a great topic to discuss today. So sit back and relax. Before you do though, let me tell you about this conversation I had with my trusted friend, sister, and fellow PK, Saderia Morman. She was telling me about some ideas she and her pastor (who is also a dear friend of mine) were thinking about implementing soon. As always, I said I was all in to help. She responded, “LOL!! Don’t get in trouble.” I knew exactly where she was going! LOL! That brought me to this week’s topic. Why do some people think we, as PKs, cannot participate in activities at other people’s churches, since our dad is the pastor at a church? I never understood that.

Well, let me just shed some light on things. We were raised in a house where the dad (pastor) helped everyone. That’s not to say that he didn’t take care of his own family. Let me just clear that up. However, we were constantly reminded that we were blessed; others were not so fortunate. So, we, as Christians, must help one another. Besides, the Bible says for us to help each other. Are we our brother’s keeper? Absolutely! So, since we are our brother’s keeper, shouldn’t we help each other? Again, absolutely.

Whenever I go to any of the churches on the district, anyone can tell you that I’m helping in any way I can. Basically, I’m an associate member of every church on the district. Although I’m the District Minister of Music, it’s nothing for me to be in the kitchen helping, singing in the local choir when asked, or whatever it may be. I don’t ask for compensation for anything I do, and they know they don’t have to give me anything for helping.

I said all of that to say this…it’s ok to be helpers one to another. I promise you that our dads (pastors) do not mind. Besides, where do you think we got it from? So the next time you see a PK at someone else’s church helping out, join in! Be blessed and good night! I love you!